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Pranayama, Breathing Technique & Mudras

Gyaan Dullness of mind, lack of Strength mudra initiative creativity reckless loss of memory

Aakash Mudra - develope noble elevated thoughts

Prithvi Mudra - Chronic Fatigue, general Deblity canvalescence

Varun Mudra - Dryness of eyes

the Apoon Mudra - Anvria abscence obstructior of urine

Shanmukhi Mudra

The Universe is comprised of five elements: air, fire, water and eatrh in Ayurvedic term respectively biengaminiature universe the human body too is composed of the same five elements

Barmiprayanma - Physically the energy and heat from the hands and fingers simulate and relax the nerves and muscles of the face and mind. Eg: Eye treatment, nost and throat infections and good for memory power

Some asfor nasikagra dristi and shambhovi mudra bhooharimudra develops the power consentration