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Asanas for weight loss

Yoga is one of the best known forms of exercises to lose weight gradually and for lasting results. Unlike other forms of diet or weight loss plans yoga can be performed for overall effect and at any age without any side effects. A good yoga plan for natural weight loss is to initiate cleansing techniques. Cleansing techniques include:

  • Kunjal Kriya (cleansing of the stomach and lungs)
  • Basti (cleansing of the colon)
  • Laghu Shankha Prakshalan (A technique that involved the cleansing of the digestive system)
  • Baghi (tiger pose)
  • Yoga Asanas (different types of yogic postures)

If you are looking at working on a particular area of the body such as the hips or the abdomen or the thighs or even the arms and legs or the chest area then you will need to incorporate the asanas that are specific to your requirement in the weight loss yoga plan.

The asanas that can be done in order to tighten the stomach are:

  • Abdominal lift
  • Child pose
  • Cobra pose
  • Yogic seal pose
  • Baat position
  • Naval Move Asana

If you wish to make yoga as a primary form of therapy for weight loss, then it is imperative that you practice a vigorous, 90-minute yoga regime for at least four times a week. Most people also opt to combine yoga with cardiovascular forms of exercises such as running, walking, and other types of aerobic exercise in order to reach their weight loss goals.