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Asanas for Body Flexiblity

Yoga is one of the best known forms of exercises to lose weight gradually and for lasting results. Unlike other forms of diet or weight loss plans yoga can be performed for overall effect and at any age without any side effects. A good yoga plan for natural weight loss is to initiate cleansing techniques. Cleansing techniques include:

  • Pretty much all yoga poses are for flexibility, but here are some that concentrate on particularly tight parts of the body.

  • Hamstrings: Poses that stretch the hamstrings include standing and seated forward bends. In these poses, you get a better stretch if you keep the spine long rather than allowing it to round as you come forward.

  • Hips: Hip openers can be tough going for beginners who have been sedentary in the past. If you have trouble, take them slowly and make use of props such as blankets and blocks to make the poses more comfortable.

  • Shoulders: Many advanced yoga postures, such as full wheel, full pigeon, and forearm stand require not only strength and balance but open shoulders. There are also a number of stretches beginning and intermediate students can do to prepare.

Basic Guidelines:

  • While yoga is great for joint flexibility, we recommend that you join a yoga class and learn from an experienced person if you’ve never done yoga before.

  • You also need to warm up properly before doing your asanas, so as to prevent any injury to the muscles or joints.

  • Begin with the simple asana and move on to the more difficult ones.

  • Do not push yourself too much and do just what you’re comfortable with.

  • After doing the asanas, you should cool down properly by doing relaxing postures.

Well, If you follow the basic guidelines, you’re sure to benefit from yoga and improve your Joint Flexibility.